Hello! We are sorry our video game we announced is taking so long we are really busy with life and stuff..... we are working on it as much as we can and pant to have it out by February at the latest! Yes, we normally would post this in the news section, but this is something obviously really special, therefore we are making a whole blog post about it! (Make the jump to read more!) ➘

If you read my last post about music you should know that this brain thing can work with anything. Most unicorns use it only if they want something like water, food and/or something common. But dark unicorns use it for evil. They can use it also for anything except they use it overboard!!!!!!! This is another reason why dark unicorns are really dangerous!!!! AND SHOULD NOT BE TRUSTED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



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Unicorns make music with not there horns but there mind! Since they are magical creatures they have an amazing mind and brain function witch allows them to simply think and want music of there choice to play and it will, just like that!!!

Over time and around the world, unicorns have been creatures believed to hold remarkable powers. If you are familiar enough with unicorns you must know by now that many unicorns are not always with good intention, in fact, many are very evil. But why do unicorns have this reputation of being magical?! WE don't know, and no one is ever likely to!! Over the next few week we will feature many theories--fee free to leave any comments/ideas you have on this topic below! We want to hear from YOU.