Hello! We are sorry our video game we announced is taking so long we are really busy with life and stuff..... we are working on it as much as we can and pant to have it out by February at the latest! Yes, we normally would post this in the news section, but this is something obviously really special, therefore we are making a whole blog post about it! (Make the jump to read more!) ➘
This post is going to cover as much of this game as we have, and also, what we don't want YOU guys to know yet!!;) Because to be honest, we don't have much done considering the plot--like we said before, we're really busy etc.... Without giving any spoiler, the basic thing we have so far is choosing out of several controllable-charachters (unicorns of course!), and there are rainbows, and...... Nope, not telling any more! You'll just have to wait a little bit longer and keep checking up on our blog posts!.... Any ideas you have worthy of sharing about the video game.?! We would absolutely LOVE to hear from you!! Leave your comments below!!!!
11/21/2012 02:20:08 pm

i thnk ot sjood be that tha first person/unis!!!! ok i just am gonna cll em uni plurlseeez!!!! ok girlfrienzzzzzzz s o th other day i was playing temple rim and i have a unicorn!!!!!!b LOLLLLLLLL I think it shoud be like a hg tye thing!!!!! 9HUNGER GAMES) TEAM PEETA!!!! followmy site anout him on da link to me site kk?!!?!?!!!!!!!!

11/21/2012 02:22:36 pm

ooooooops i messyed uppeed on datz wooon............... hahaheehaaahehaheeehaaaa that not my sites srry gurtttrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrllllls i dc about sum rats bc cuz i have unicorn pies happy turkicorn day guyz,..!PEACE

1/23/2013 11:44:57 am

Bro you make no sense. Luv me dem unicorns, peace

2/20/2013 11:12:03 am

HI! I am new to your website. And I love the video game thing. I think unicorns do not get enough recognition. Also all my friends hate on me for believing in them. But anyway... I love the idea you have so far and I hope you make it very bright and cheerful

3/3/2015 07:42:28 am

Can't wait it sounds awesome I will tell my friends about this awesome website they will love it too!

11/9/2015 02:22:59 pm

I think it should be a journey game!!!

10/25/2018 02:38:29 am

are you guys nuts

6/30/2020 02:12:15 am

why do so many people say they don't B-E-L-I-E-V-E? (Sorry about that, I don’t want to risk any unicorn lives. Well, I (a loyal unicorn believer) will check here regularly.


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