As you know from our previous post, tomorrow is the 30,000 birthday of unicorns!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! In this post we will discuss more about their birthday and how we celebrate it. At most birthday parties people talk and eat cake and sing happy birthday to who the birthday boy or girl is. But with a unicorn it is a lot different. Instead of cake you eat a human food that is one of the only human foods a unicorn can eat as well. This food is called biscotti's. People eat biscotti's and dance to a song called "pink fluffy unicorns dancing on rainbows"--(check it out on our Unicorn Stuff page!!)-- Please celebrate the day of unicorns with us!!! 
9/30/2012 10:20:57 am

haha i love the video!

10/2/2012 12:22:17 pm

omg i made up a rap about unis!! ps i just call em unis kk??

yo yo unis r the bow bow, the bow on my face face, so PICK UP TH PACE MAN, im talking bout YO YO the ace on the vase!!!! i dont know what else to say, but unicorns r BOSS!!!!!!!!

10/2/2012 01:56:00 pm

Thank you for sharing tentafan69
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