Now you know a lot about unicorns--but something you don't is that unicorns never live in caves. I know this sounds crazy and stupid that unicorns don't live in caves but it is true.. Before the great battle between the unicorns and wizards, every single unicorn lived in a cave. It didn't matter what type of unicorn it was. Every family of unicorns had their own cave, period.But as you must be wondering, why did this battle influence the habitat of an entire species? Well before the battle there were only a limited amount of different types of unicorns. You may think this is sad, but there was one definite thing that was not the same--all the unicorns were bright unicorns, and everyone got along perfectly. There was never any dispute among them in the community. But since war can ruin so much, sadly, after the great battle between unicorns and wizards, over half the unicorns decided to leave for some mysterious reason that humans will never know a true answer to.

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