As you know from our previous post, tomorrow is the 30,000 birthday of unicorns!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! In this post we will discuss more about their birthday and how we celebrate it. At most birthday parties people talk and eat cake and sing happy birthday to who the birthday boy or girl is. But with a unicorn it is a lot different. Instead of cake you eat a human food that is one of the only human foods a unicorn can eat as well. This food is called biscotti's. People eat biscotti's and dance to a song called "pink fluffy unicorns dancing on rainbows"--(check it out on our Unicorn Stuff page!!)-- Please celebrate the day of unicorns with us!!! 
Now everyone knows unicorns are really old but no person ever says how old a unicorn is truly. The unicorns of the world are almost 30000 years old!! They lived in peace until evil wizards came and attacked them. The wizards harmed these flawless creatures for there own power! They wanted to be the only magical creature on planet earth. When the wizards charged the unicorns powerfully most of the unicorns died. and same happened with the wizards. now very few are still alive but the 28th of September is the date of them officially being 30000 years old!! On Friday celebrate all unicorns!!

As everyone knows, unicorns have played and important part throughout world history. Possibly even more important than humans. This will be a reoccurring topic on this blog over the next months--so if you are interested, stay in tune!!
Now I know you think it would be amazing to ride a unicorn, but it could put them in serious danger. When a human rides a unicorn the humans can start to rub off too much of their own kind--such as make-up, perfume, cologne, fabrics, hairs, etc. However, this is only when it is a bright unicorn.
Unicorns have a very delicate diet. They eat healthy foods consisting of flower petals, butterflies, and on rare occasions lions claws. When they eat lion claws they boil them in magical springwater until they melt. They melt it because if they did not then the sharp claws would stab there throats and could hurt them To eat a butterfly they run quickly then leap into the air and catch the butterfly with there teeth.
Unicorns need love, and when they do not receive the proper love they can lose their powers or DIE. So if you are a good person, donate love packaged today!! Check out our donation options on our page titled, "Help the Unicorns". When Unicorns receive love, their powers grow larger and they have a much bigger chance of staying alive longer, and continuing to have more unicorn babies.
As many know, unicorns have been around since the times of our ancestors--our ancestors used ground up unicorn horns in traditional medicines and ceremonies. But the question that ponders most humans today, is how exactly were unicorns created in the first place?! The answer to this question varies according to species.     One example is the StraightHorn unicorn. These unicorns display a remarkable straight horn that sticks right out in front of their foreheads. These unicorns were actually, believe it or not, created by male narwhals mating with female horses. Another example is the PowderTipped species--these unicorns have unique horns that can shoot magical powder out of their horns--the powder can vary from doing anything from turning away dark unicorns, to acting as healing remedies. As we gain more technology and history on unicorns, this question is being found out more and more about.
 I am going to talk about unicorn homes. Unicorns normally live in happy meadows with blue skys and little birds that fly in the warm air. Yes the classic Disney meadow is what there home looks like!! But they do love to live next to ponds, lakes or swamps so that they have water. A lot of the times unicorns live in the open in little groups so that they can see everything around them and can protect themselves from dark unicorns.