When people think of the Northwest they think of rain. But there are many unicorns that live IN the rain!!!!!!!!!!!!! So we are starting a new theme on our blog--Rain-icorn Tuesdays! Please keep updated-there will be info, fun facts, pictures, and games!

And sorry we haven't posted for a while! We have been very busy and know the site is kind of going downhill... Please help us by being awesome viewers and keep checking in. We post new things every Tuesday!
Even the darkest of all dark unicorns are graceful, beautiful creatures. Most are very agile and swift, particularly water unicorns, such as the Straighthorn. These unicorns use movement to express themselves in a complex way, so we just figure it is them dancing. Like we have mentioned, the Straighthorns are known very well for being very agile, and that is also how they spend most of their time. Make the jump to read more!

Hello! We are sorry our video game we announced is taking so long we are really busy with life and stuff..... we are working on it as much as we can and pant to have it out by February at the latest! Yes, we normally would post this in the news section, but this is something obviously really special, therefore we are making a whole blog post about it! (Make the jump to read more!) ➘

If you read my last post about music you should know that this brain thing can work with anything. Most unicorns use it only if they want something like water, food and/or something common. But dark unicorns use it for evil. They can use it also for anything except they use it overboard!!!!!!! This is another reason why dark unicorns are really dangerous!!!! AND SHOULD NOT BE TRUSTED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



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Unicorns make music with not there horns but there mind! Since they are magical creatures they have an amazing mind and brain function witch allows them to simply think and want music of there choice to play and it will, just like that!!!

Over time and around the world, unicorns have been creatures believed to hold remarkable powers. If you are familiar enough with unicorns you must know by now that many unicorns are not always with good intention, in fact, many are very evil. But why do unicorns have this reputation of being magical?! WE don't know, and no one is ever likely to!! Over the next few week we will feature many theories--fee free to leave any comments/ideas you have on this topic below! We want to hear from YOU.
It became dangerous for unicorns to be near hamans when they were near cavemen. This happened because cavemen needed to feed off of something so they turned to unicorns now they have been scared. Not many unicorns at all were killed but some were and a few were harmed. Cavemen chased unicorns and if they caught them they would eat them. This is really sad and we don't want any harmed unicorns so please stay clear of unicorns because you could kill them. This includes Pegisi
Now you know a lot about unicorns--but something you don't is that unicorns never live in caves. I know this sounds crazy and stupid that unicorns don't live in caves but it is true.. Before the great battle between the unicorns and wizards, every single unicorn lived in a cave. It didn't matter what type of unicorn it was. Every family of unicorns had their own cave, period.But as you must be wondering, why did this battle influence the habitat of an entire species? Well before the battle there were only a limited amount of different types of unicorns. You may think this is sad, but there was one definite thing that was not the same--all the unicorns were bright unicorns, and everyone got along perfectly. There was never any dispute among them in the community. But since war can ruin so much, sadly, after the great battle between unicorns and wizards, over half the unicorns decided to leave for some mysterious reason that humans will never know a true answer to.
As you know from our previous post, tomorrow is the 30,000 birthday of unicorns!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! In this post we will discuss more about their birthday and how we celebrate it. At most birthday parties people talk and eat cake and sing happy birthday to who the birthday boy or girl is. But with a unicorn it is a lot different. Instead of cake you eat a human food that is one of the only human foods a unicorn can eat as well. This food is called biscotti's. People eat biscotti's and dance to a song called "pink fluffy unicorns dancing on rainbows"--(check it out on our Unicorn Stuff page!!)-- Please celebrate the day of unicorns with us!!! 
Now everyone knows unicorns are really old but no person ever says how old a unicorn is truly. The unicorns of the world are almost 30000 years old!! They lived in peace until evil wizards came and attacked them. The wizards harmed these flawless creatures for there own power! They wanted to be the only magical creature on planet earth. When the wizards charged the unicorns powerfully most of the unicorns died. and same happened with the wizards. now very few are still alive but the 28th of September is the date of them officially being 30000 years old!! On Friday celebrate all unicorns!!